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The SMARTPAN is a large bowl shaped drain below floor level, allowing flexible positioning of toilets, baths and shower trays. Good reasons to specify SMARTPAN include:
  • Allows flexible positioning of toilets, baths and shower trays. Meaning it is no longer necessary for the type of toilet suite to be known prior to the slab being poured to ensure the correct set out of floor waste pipe.
  • Eliminates requirement to adjust toilet pan to suit riser. Pan, bath or shower base outlet can be positioned anywhere within the 250mm diameter lid, giving approximately 65mm flexibility in any direction from the centre , or 85mm when used in conjunction with an offset pan collar. In camparison an offset pan collar on its own only gives 20mm of flexibility.
  • When used in conjunction with SMARTSEAL allows baths and shower bases to be laid flat on the floor. This eliminates common problems such as hollows under the bath or shower base.  The SMARTSEAL is sold separately.
  • Simplifies installation.
  • Eliminates riser pipes projecting through concrete slab during construction.
  • Simplifies termite protection with use of the SMARTCOLLAR, which glues straight onto the base of the SMARTPAN. No boxing out to facilitate adjustment
Iplex Product Code – D101SPAN
Approved with the “Watermark” the SMARTPAN is a 250mm diameter bowl shaped moulded plastic floor waste, with a glue on lid, made from ABS to AS/NZS.
The hole for the pan collar may be drilled anywhere in the plastic lid.
A support stand stabilises the SMARTPAN and allows for vertical height adjustment, can assist in termite protection and can accommodate a fire collar for use in multi-storey construction.

Installation Instructions

Set top rim of SMARTPAN flush with timber or concrete floor. To support the SMARTPAN in concrete slabs (on-ground) or suspended) we recommend using the SMARTCOLLAR, cut to suitable height or increased in height by cutting 50mm off the SMARTCOLLAR for a joining socket and gluing in a piece of 150mm pipe. (Also leave space for a fire collar if fitted). 
Cut hole for pan and glue into a floor flange and short piece of 100mm DWV pipe. (Leave 72mm clear inside when installing toilet). An offset pan collar increases the flexible positioning.
For baths and pre-made shower bases, we recommend using a SMARTPAN in conjunction with a SMARTSEAL, which is a flexible PVC lid, used in place of the solid lid. An undersized hole is cut anywhere in the lid, which enables the threaded waste outlet to be pushed in (similar to a pan collar).  Recommended areas of use of SMARTPAN refer to diagram below.



Frequently Asked Questions   

What depth of floor can I fit a SMARTPAN into?
A minimum of 265mm floor joist depth with a 100mm DWV bend, or a minimum of 225mm floor joist depth with a 100 x 50 pot gully.

Do you have any other size outlet?
No – but you can reduce down to smaller sizes. In the floor joist space you can use a reducing pot gully, e.g. under a bath or shower 100 x 50 will fit into 225mm joist depth and give water seal. 

 How do you seal a pan collar onto a lid?
Cut a hole in the lid to suit a 100mm floor flange. Glue a flange with piece of 100mm pipe cut to suit finished floor level, then glue in pan collar. Offset pan collar will further increase flexibility.

How do you seal a bath or shower waste?
A SMARTSEAL – a 250mm diameter flexible PVC lid held in place by a stainless steel “pressure ring” – replace the normal moulded lid. (NB the normal SMARTPAN lid is to be left in place until the bath or shower base is ready for installation). The bath waste seals into a hole cut anywhere in the 250mm diameter SMARTSEAL – similar to the wway a toilet seals into a pan collar. A further advantage is that the bath or shower base may be installed at floor level.

Can I use a SMARTPAN under floor grates?
No – it is only designed for under toilets, baths and shower bases or anywhere where there is no walking space. A SMARTWASTE should be used.

Does a SMARTPAN lid provide structual support to a shower base?
No - the SMARTPAN lid is an ABS plastic moulding and should not be relied upon to provide structural support to toilet pans or shower bases.

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