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SMART Products

The SMARTILE is an innovative breakthrough lifting the image of floor grates to a new focus in decor.

SMARTILE is an innovative new concept in floor drainage, eliminating the image of a dark and some times messy drainage pit in the floor.  SMARTILE forms a neat, crisp edge to surrounding floor tiles giving a 5mm gap for surface water to escape (nearly double the capacity of a standard grate).  SMARTILE completely hides the drainage pit below.  Good reasons to specify SMARTILE include:
  • Forms a crisp, visually appealing edge to the surrounding floor tiles
  • Completely hides drainage pipes 
  • Allows ample escape for water 
  • Readily removable for cleaning
The SMARTILE is available in two sizes to suit DWV drainage pipe.
  • 100 mm -         D101STILESS100  (Iplex product code)
  • 80 mm -           D101STILESS80    (Iplex product code)

The SMARTILE is made up of a moulded ABS plastic adaptor, Stainless Steel outer tray, and a Stainless Steel inner tray (designed to enable tiles up to 15mm thick to be used).

Installation Instructions

SMARTILE is supplied with an adaptor moulded in ABS plastic, which is designed to support and position the surround frame and lift out tray. The adaptor has a 100mm or 80mm DWV outlet spigot which may be glued with standard solvent cement directly onto the DWV drain pipe.
To enable the SMARTILE to be located symmetrically in floor tiles, we recommend that a Smartwaste be installed first. A waterproof membrane is laid over the smartwaste and onto the surrounding floor. This creates a depression for the SMARTILE to be set down into, eliminating any possible leaks.
A round hole is cut through both the membrane and the fibrous cement lid (avoiding the supporting ledge).
The SMARTILE adaptor spigot is positioned in the hole. For additional height adjustment, a piece of 100 / 80 mm DWV pipe is cut to length and glued to the spigot, extending a maximum of 5mm below the lid down into the Smartwaste.
The SMARTILE may be supported at the correct height with packing under each corner of the adaptor. Lay the cement topping and tiles exactly flush with the metal surround. (Ensure that metal is seated right down in the adaptor). 
Tile, Marble or granite may be glued into lift out Stainless Steel tray.
The SMARTILE is best positioned diagonally in the intersection of four tiles, or alternatively in the centre of the tile, the remainder of the tile cut diagonally in the corners.
Alternatively the SMARTILE can be installed independently as per diagrams below.  The base of the SMARTILE should not rest directly on  the wet seal or inhibit sub-floor moisture entering drainage pipe.   This applies to both the 80mm and 100mm SMARTILE installations. 
A mosquito trap may be fitted if required.
Careful workmanship will result in a superb finish and appearance.
100mm SMARTILE Installation
80mm SMARTILE Installation 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the flow rate of the SMARTILE? 
Tests completed on the 3rd of November 2004, by the P.T.L. (Plumbing Testing Laboratory), Shenton Park, Western Australia; shows that the SMARTILE waste outlet is capable of passing 140 litres per minute.

 How do you remove the tile and inner tray, after installation?

Using a key,small screw driver or a rubber plunger.

Do I need to use a puddle flange? Where can I access these?
When used without the Smartwaste, yes a puddle flange should be used.  Puddle flanges can be purchased thru any Plumbing Supply Merchant.

Can the SMARTILE be installed outdoors?
 Yes, the smartile is made from 316 stainless steel.


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