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PVC-U Stormwater Pipe and Fittings
Frequently Asked Questions

Can Stormwater pipe be installed in sunlight? 

Yes, Stormwater pipe and fittings contain UV absorber (TiO 2) and can be installed in direct sunlight.

How deep or shallow can you bury Stormwater pipe?
Refer to AS/NZS2566 and AS/NZS2032.

Can I use Stormwater pipe to transfer drinking water?
Australian Standards do not require Stormwater pipes to be tested for use in contact with drinking water.  In these applications, pipes complying with the test requirements of AS/NZS4020 should be used. 

What is the flow capacity of the Stormwater pipe?
Refer Design tools - Hydraulic flow calculator in the Iplex design tools.

Can I concrete encase Stormwater pipe?
Yes, refer to AS/NZS2032.

Can I run petrol through the pipe?
Generally not, but refer Design Tools - Chemical resistance chart in the Iplex Design Tools.

What pressure do I test to?
Refer to AS/NZS2032.

What is a safe span if installed above the ground?
Refer to AS/NZS2032.

Can  Iplex PVC-U Stormwater pipes be painted?
Yes, they can be painted with a water based paint. 

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