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PVC-U Stormwater Pipe and Fittings
Assembly of Pipeline

One of the most significant advantages of Iplex PVC-U Stormwater pipe
system is its lightweight. This means that the pipe can be easily handled
and longer lengths can be installed without sophisticated lifting machinery
and with minimum in-trench labour.  6 metre lengths increase the speed
with which a system can be installed.
Stormwater pipelines rely on gravity to ensure adequate flow of fluid. Strict
adherence to the designed grade along the entire pipeline is essential
and the line must be maintained to specification between inspection
Installation of PVC-U Stormwater pipelines will be fast and efficient
provided the following guidelines are followed. The installer must ensure
that pipeline system installation is performed in accordance with 
AS/NZS2032 "Installation of PVC-U Pipe Systems", and "AS/NZS 3500
"National Plumbing Standard" together with the requirements of local
authorities, where applicable.

Assembly of Pipelines

PVC-U pipelines are easy to assemble. While Iplex rubber ring jointed pipes can be fully assembled above the trench. Stormwater solvent welded pipe may be fully jointed above the trench, but not lowered into the trench until the solvent has taken its initial set. Care must be taken to ensure joints do not pull apart during lowering into the trench and all joints should be subsequently inspected.

Use of Short Lengths of Pipe

PVC-U pipe may be cut on site when shorter lengths are required for the installation of fittings.
The cutting of PVC-U pipe is easily achieved using a fine-toothed handsaw or a PVC-U pipe cutter. The position of the cut should be measured and carefully re-checked before cutting: reasonable accuracy should be exercised to ensure that the cut is square to the axis of the pipe and all burrs must be removed from the cut end before making a joint.

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