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PVC-U Stormwater Pipe and Fittings
Handling and Storage

While PVC-U pipes are light and easy to handle, careless handling can cause unnecessary damage. Pipes and fittings should not be dropped or thrown onto hard surfaces or allowed to come into contact with sharp objects that could result in deep scratches. PVC-U pipes should not be allowed to slide across sharp edges.

PVC-U is subject to distortion under high loads, particularly at elevated temperatures, and also to bowing due to uneven heating;
stacks should therefore be protected from direct sunlight, or other heat source, if stored for extended periods.
Temporary storage in the field, where racks are not provided, can be in stacks on the ground, providing this surface is level and free from loose stones or other sharp projections.
Socketed pipes should be stacked in layers with sockets placed at alternative ends of the rack, and protruding, to avoid uneven stacks
and distortion. The sockets should not be load bearing. Another acceptable approach is to have alternate layers of pipe facing in the same
If mechanical handling equipment such as fork lifts or cranes are to be used on bundles, adequate spreader and lifting bars should be provided. Wire slings must be kept clear of the pipes.
Racks for long-term storage are recommended and should preferably provide continuous support, but if this is not possible then supports of at least 75mm bearing widths at 1m centres (max) should be placed beneath the pipes. Side restraints should be placed at centres not exceeding 1.5m and stacks should not exceed 1m in height.

When unloading alongside dug trenches, it is recommended that pipes be placed on the opposite side of the trench from excavated material.

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