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At Iplex Pipelines we research, develop and continually test our products to be confident we not only deliver the most efficient pipe, fittings and systems but the most environmentally friendly, compatible products as well.

Iplex’s product innovations include a range of industry firsts.

We’ve redesigned the fittings on Future K2 (Hot and Cold water supply), to come in line with our new gas system called Future K1. The fitting sizes are exactly the same; therefore only one set of tools is required to work on both water and gas.

New PVC technology has enabled us to manufacture material efficient OPVC pipes. They provide better flow rates, product strength, improved cyclic fatigue and safety features that deliver energy and environmental savings.

Iplex 575 mm MPVC pipes are the largest produced in the Southern Hemisphere. They have a new innovative locked ring joint system, which allows for lower joining forces, making it a lot easier to join in the field. This saves contractors a great deal of time, energy and money during installation.

Iplex manufacture the twin wall polypropylene drainage and sewer pipes, known as Black Max and Sewer Max. The profile wall gives structural integrity; a smooth inner bore for flow and a high performance rubber ring joint, which meets all required Standards. It’s significantly lighter than concrete and clay pipe. In most instances a contractor can easily pick it up, lower it into the trench and do away with unnecessary heavy lifting equipment.

Life Cycle Thinking - When developing new products or introducing new processes Iplex considers the whole-of-life of the product / process including end-of-life issue and waste management.  This is evidenced by the progressive introduction of both pressure and non-pressure pipe products with increased material efficiencies.  All products manufactured by Iplex are based on recyclable thermoplastic materials In particular, in-house scrap is reworked into saleable product.

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