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Trenchless Technologies

Trenchless Technology – the repair, renewal or installation of underground pipelines using techniques that minimise the need for excavation – increasingly uses products from Iplex Pipelines.

This fast developing industry regularly sees the development of innovative techniques and Iplex Pipelines has supported the ingenuity of Australian providers.
We have a highly experienced and qualified sales team who can advise on the use of Iplex Pipelines products in sliplining, pipe bursting, horizontal directional drilling, micro tunnelling and pipejacking.
With a distribution network, a range of leading edge Innovative product and exceptional service that supplies to all areas of Australia, we are always there to ‘go that extra mile’ for our customers.
Iplex Pipelines products are used in the following types of Trenchless Technology projects:
Pipe Bursting and Sliplining
The Sliplining process involves pulling or pushing a new pipeline into an old one. It can be used to renew a full length of deteriorated pipeline with the only excavation being the construction of entry and exit pits.
Sliplining leaves the pipeline with a reduced diameter. Where this would be unacceptable, pipebursting can be applied.
Pipebursting involves pulling a “bursting head” through the existing pipeline, cracking and expanding it to allow a larger pipe to be pulled in behind. It is possible to upsize a pipeline using this method.
Close-Fit Lining
Installing a Close Fit Lining involves deforming the cross section of a continuous thermoplastic pipe, so reducing it’s cross sectional area to allow it to be winched inside the original pipeline. Once fully inserted, it can be reverted to its original circular cross section until it closely fits the host pipe.
Pipes lined by Close Fit Lining have minimal loss of their circular cross section. Usually there is no reduction in flow capacity as the smoothness of the liner compensates for the loss of diameter.
Close-fit lining with thermoplastic pipe can be used on pressure and non-pressure pipelines.
Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
HDD is used for the trenchless installation of new pipelines, ducts and cables.
A drilling machine, usually situated on the ground surface, drills a continuous borehole along a specified underground route. Control systems allow the drill head to accurately position the borehole, including bends where necessary to avoid known obstacles and existing services. A continuous pipe or duct can be pulled into the borehole.
HDD is often used to install pipelines under roads, rivers or railways.
Microtunnelling and Pipe Jacking
Microtunnelling and pipe jacking installs a new pipeline by pushing a drilling head through the ground using successive lengths of pipe. It requires the temporary excavation of a launch pit and the installation of hydraulic jacks to push the pipes, so driving the drilling head forwards.
Pipes used in this operation must have high compressive strength to withstand the pushing forces generated.
Iplex Pipelines Products Used in Trenchless Technology
Meyer Polycrete Jacking Pipe
Iplex Pipelines is the exclusive Australian supplier of the Meyer Polycrete Jacking Pipe range.
Meyer Polycrete Jacking Pipes are particularly suited to sewer applications, being made of polyester resin, aggregate and filler. Cement and water are not used.
Meyer Polycrete pipes are made with diameters from 200mm to over 2,000mm and in lengths of 1 to 3 metres. They are made to the appropriate German Standards, including:
  • DIN 54815 for pipe material properties and dimensions
  • DIN 16946 for the composite pipe material
Contact Iplex Pipelines to discuss your pipejacking requirements
Compact Pipe
Compact Pipe is a structural, close-fit liner used for a variety of pipe applications including gas and water distribution, sewer and industrial pipelines. It is suitable for pressure and non-pressure pipelines with diameters from 100mm to 450mm.
Easy insertion into old or damaged pipelines is achieved by factory deformation of the liner cross-section into a ‘C’ shape, reducing its area by 35%. After insertion, a re-rounding process results in a close fit with the original pipe.
In Australia, Compact Pipe is installed exclusively by Utility Services www.usus.com.au
PoliPlex Polyethylene Pipe
Iplex Pipelines’ polyethylene pipe can be used on sliplining and pipe bursting projects. Typically PE100 grade is used in the full range of diameters.
Information on PoliPlex can be found within the polyethylene technical product system.

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